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Friday, 10 June 2016

Think Opportunity, Think BYEACE ETI, Capitalize on New Opportunities

Announcing Opportunities Worth Sharing!

Opportunities Worth Sharing Are Impacting Opportunities for Enlightenment & Empowerment!

BYEACE ETI claims Opportunity Capitalism because it Identifies New Opportunities & Shares Them With Opportunists Seeking Enlightenment, Improvement, Personal Development & Empowerment 

 Today's Opportunities: For Nigerian Youths 

(Age, 18-35) 

From N-Power 

By The Federal Government of Nigeria 

Here is the good news...

If getting local and international opportunities for internship, job, scholarship and what have you has been your dearest desire, then you now have a way to make your dreams come true to achieve your desire with what the federal government of Nigeria has designed for you in the N-Power programme.

Don't miss this opportunity starting June 11th, 10.PM. Hurry to register and become one of the 500,000, 20,000 and 5000 opportunists to benefit from this golden opportunity. 

Your qualifications are not needed to qualify, simply apply by 10.PM June 11th and you will be one of the opportune youths to be trained, tooled and deployed for the right job to diversify the Nigerian economy with the full support of the Federal Government of Nigeria. 

What Are You Going To Apply For?    

Apply for any of the three categories recommended by BYEACE ETI offering awareness by sharing this great opportunity. The strongly recommended opportunities to apply for are:
  1. N-Power Tech Software
  2. N-Power Tech Hardware
  3. N-Power Creative

Why N-Power Tech Software?

Yes! N-Power Tech Software is recommended first by BYEACE ETI because the opportunity is really bigger than you imagine! If you have ever conceived what makes Trolltech or Qt a big brand, you will appreciate the power of being a software developer.

This would have been difficult for you to afford without the opportunity of the N-Power initiative of the Federal Government, but luckily, it has been made easy and available so you too can become like the experts behind Qt's success, become a successful software developer for Nigeria's technological advancements. 

The government's N-Power Tech Software initiative has been designed to empower 10,000 software developers into the ICT industry, and if you register for this programme by 10.PM June 11, 2016, you will not only be trained, tooled and positioned as a hands-on software developer for the local and international software development market, but will be able to command top dollar selling your skill to a handful of clients waiting to test your skill.

If you apply for this opportunity, you will undergo a project based model to training wherein you will be exposed to fundamental software development tools as well as resources to thrive as a modern day software developer entrepreneur.

Participating in the N-Power Tech Software programme will empower you to pursue a career as a software development entrepreneur.

This particular programme will last 11 Weeks and culminate with job fairs where you will be linked with placement opportunities within your locality.

As a participant in the N-Power Tech Software programme, you will also benefit from community platform that will support your learning and engagement opportunities on a continuous basis.

Hence, since you will be enabled with a device to continue the practice and exploration of opportunities after the training, you literally have nothing to lose from participating in this programme. This is why you should ensure to register for this category, if you have always desired to become a software developer, it's the right opportunity you have been waiting for, do not miss it.

Why N-Power Tech Hardware?     

You might be thinking software development isn't for you, if it doesn't interest you, if so, then here is a second option BYEACE ETI strongly recommends for you to become a high profile technician in the industry behind global development today. It is the ICT device industry, and here is your chance to know what the device manufacturers know, so you too can become one of Nigeria's ICT device manufacturers, if this is your desire.

The N-Power Tech Hardware programme has been designed to empower 10,000 computer device technicians into the ICT industry. You know what this means? It means you have a golden opportunity to be sufficiently empowered to become the expert you have always desired to be.

The N-Power Tech for device technician program is for you, an opportunity to be trained among the 10,000 Nigerian youths expected to take advantage of this opportunity for tooling facilitation, one that will boost the device servicing and manufacturing industry in Nigeria.

Aren't you a Nigerian? Aren't you a youth within the age range of 18-35, then it doesn't matter whether you are a graduate or not, it doesn't matter whether you are not a boy, this is an equal opportunity program with an output to serve as a catalyst for expansion of local capacity to service phones, computers and other relevant devices to serve the local and international market.

You should know that this skill is in hot demand in Nigeria where 120 million persons use ICTs and not 2% of them know how to service their devices. You can be a great help to them, but not a free service you know, you have a market for at least 3% of the population of ICT device users in your locality. So isn't this the right opportunity for you to never look or wait for a paid job again when you can offer technical services in hot demand and name your prize?

This programme has been designed to arm you with the requisite technical skills to service devices in your local community as well as work in a device assembly plant, so it portends multiple career opportunities for you to work for whoever you want and make as much money as you want in Nigeria.

If you feel this program is for you, then don't fail to register for it on June 11, 2016 by 10.PM. If you register, then prepare for a three months training plus 1 month of assessment, graduation and setup. Don't ignore this opportunity if it meets your desires for technical proficiency in ICT manufacturing, repair and maintenance. 

There are over 10,000 people around you waiting to pay you when you start applying this skill in your community, so register for this programme to get ready for a steady pay as a device technician. You will be advised on opportunities to acquire tools to practice if you participate in this programme.      

Why N-Power Creative?  

It will interest you to note that if you choose this third category of the N-Power Programme highly recommened by BYEACE ETI for you, then your years of financial insufficiency will end as soon as you complete the N-Power Creative programme, because you will be able to work from home and make much money than even some of the senior executives in large corporations. 

As a creative, you will be your own boss, and have enough work to keep you busy everyday, working from home or from your own office as a freelancer. Knowing that this is the opportunity you have been praying for, it is time to grab it with both hands, if you a Nigerian youth aged 18-35. It is your pathway to financial freedom, and if this has been your dream, then it is your time wake from your slumber and take this programme that will bring this dream true.

The N-Power Creative Program has been designed for the training and development of 5000 young creative talents. You will become one of these talents once you have been trained in order to fit into the creative industry on the global radar as an exporter of world-class services and contents. 

The fact is that with the skill you will develop through this programme you will start working for clients from different parts of the world and get immediate pay, pay-per-hour and pay-per-project, and you will be the one to decide how much you want to earn or which currency you want to be paid in by choosing your client and defining your project. 

Have you decided that this category is where you belong? If yes, then be informed that the training you will receive will last for 3 months, comprising 1-month in-class and a 2-month hands-on group project across selected cities of Nigeria. 

Now you can rest assured of getting the financial kick of the federal government to become a creative trained and certified to render services either as an animator, graphic designer, post-producer or script writer, just choose which area you want to be certified in and you will never be in search of job ever again.

You are eligible to get local and international internship opportunities or be linked on job and market opportunities at the end of the training, if you opt-in for this programme by registering on June 11th 2016, 10.PM. You also have nothing to lose in and after the training as you will receive a computing device that will ensure that you master the skills during and after the training.

How To Apply?  

The application for any of the above three categories highly recommended by BYEACE ETI, among other aspects of the programme which you can learn about through the video you find here, is available on the official website  for the N-Power Programme. 

Click Here to Proceed for more information about the programme, and for your registration. 
This information is brought to you by,

BYEACE ETI--Opportunity Capitalism.
Phone: 08102427303

P.S. The N-Power programme is sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is the Federal Government's first step towards diversifying to a knowledge economy. It is called an N-Power Knowledge Programme because of its focus on the knowledge industry where BYEACE ETI is equally focused. 

P.S.1 BYEACE ETI is the initiative of Francis B. Isugu author of "Big Business Great Personality," "Effective Entrepreneurship" and "Effective Sustainable Development Strategy" and others available online via google search or in other online stores such as eBay for different translations

P.S.2 BYEACE ETI is helping to spread the word of the N-Power Knowledge Programme because it is an opportunity word sharing, whereby it focuses on enlightenment and empowerment which are the core business focus of BYEACE ETI. 

P.S.3 The N-Power Registration is online here and the Federal Government has designed this programme as a 'Training to Jobs' initiative, to essentially ensure you and other Nigerian youths will get engaged in the marketplace in an outsourcing capacity, as a freelancer, employee and entrepreneur, which ever way you choose to go. Here is a programme meant to work alongside the planned eight innovation hubs across Nigeria to provide incubation and acceleration of the technology and creative industries. 

P.S.4 Don't miss this opportunity, don't be late, view site here and proceed to register by choosing any of the recommended categories among others, and remember to identify with BYEACE ETI by mailing your feedback to byeaceins@gmail.com if this process goes smoothly for you. 

P.S.5 If you need our support when applying for the programme, kindly call us via 08126225948 or send SMS with personal detail and area of interest to 08102427303

P.S.6 However, view the application page first, to help you with direction before asking us to do it for you. 

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