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Sunday, 22 January 2017


Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project.

SECSTA Funding is getting ready for building bridges to the destiny of investors by linking global investors from different destinations invited to fund its Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project.

The first thing to record about what SECSTA Funding and Stripe Atlas Share In Common is Stripe’s point in the section of  global access to startup tools, which states that “With Stripe Atlas, entrepreneurs can easily incorporate a U.S. company, set up a U.S. bank account, and start accepting payments with Stripe. Starting today, it’s available to developers and entrepreneurs globally.”

This is not to say that SECSTA Funding will do what Stripe has as its purpose but concerns how SECSTA Funding exists for individual investors around the globe to play a role in funding the global socio-economic waste management investment portfolio of SECSTA Funding and thereby benefiting from the returns generated from its operations as the World’s First Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project.

The First point to note is that what entrepreneurs do with Stripe is what investors will always do with SECSTA Funding, and that is, since stripe makes payment for online businesses easier around the globe, SECSTA Funding makes investment in internet projects easier for investors around the globe.

Part of Stripe’s mission states that “The promise of the internet is that location matters less. However, geographic barriers and associated complexity make it difficult to start a global business in many parts of the world.”

The same stance holds true for investment portfolios that are associated with the internet, while SECSTA Funding turns around the limitation of funding multiple investment portfolios by creating an integrated investment sustainability internet project, there will no longer be geographical barriers since every funding can be done from anywhere irrespective of location because SECSTA Funding is an internet project.

A part of the belief of Strife evident in its mission statement is that “Developers around the world should have equal access to the tools and services that are available to those in Berlin and Boston. Atlas is designed to help.”

The similarity in the belief is that SECSTA Funding has designed its Multi Stock Investment (MSI) options units Investment options because it believes that low income earners around the world should have equal access to investment portfolios that will help them become accredited investors rather than merely reserving its investment portfolios for angels and VCs to fund. 

In the summary of Atlas Guide: Starting a real business, Stripe stated with assurance that “You should concentrate on making something people want and getting it to them; Stripe can help you with the details. We have put together a primer explaining accounting, taxes, employment, and more. Learn what you need to quickly, so that you can get back to the more important work of building your business.” 

The point on getting help with the details resonates with SECSTA Funding which creates the friendly environment for global investors to buy its shares without worrying about how the funds will be utilized. While on its own part, SECSTA Funding considers the important sectors for investing the funds contributed by its investors in order that they will yield the greatest profit in the shortest possible time.

This is what it captures in its four cardinal areas of focus of a Sustainability Vision. With this in mind, SECSTA Funding asks investors not to worry about how their bought shares will be invested.

A Big Picture of the Investment Portfolios Managed By SECSTA Funding

Investors are able to choose their areas of investment and fund it. But first they must wait before they can start getting dividends. Earnings are distributed when investments generate revenue, and there are other royalties paid to every investor in different percentages of their bought shares in all three areas of the SECSTA Funding investment portfolios namely: Preference Shares, Equity Shares and Income Shares.  

For the first time ever there is a diversified investment portfolio integrated in a sustainability internet project such that the right investment condition is created to attract investors from different walks of life. SECSTA Funding’s investors have three options to choose as their preferred investment portfolio where their funds will be contributed as stakeholders in the SECSTA Funding’s Sustainability Vision.

Hence, those invited to SECSTA Funding are ordinary people to buy ordinary shares known as Preference Shares, and anybody can invest in SECSTA Funding’s preference shares if the person can afford the lowest entry amount for accreditation which is $21.

The second group of people invited to SECSTA Funding is accredited investors to buy prominent shares known as Equity Shares, and any investor or company can trade equity with SECSTA Funding if the minimum fund of $1000 can be provided to fund the lowest unit of SECSTA Funding’s Equities.

Then, last but not the least, the third group of people also invited to use SECSTA Funding are regular income earners to buy private shares known as Income shares, and any paid worker who can afford any pension plan with SECSTA Funding is allowed to choose the least plan costing 5% of their monthly income, no matter the amount of income earned regularly, can invest in SECSTA Funding as an income shareholder.

Where SECSTA Funding Differs From Stripe on Business Strategy  

The only thing which SECSTA Funding doesn’t share in common with Stripe is the invitation-requirement for using the platform, as SECSTA Funding doesn’t require any form of application review for accepting people using the platform, anyone can access SECTA Funding’s shares at anytime and every investor is free to fund whichever membership level is desired to get started. 

But Stripe differs here as shown in the Stripe Atlas Network where it is worth noting that, “Stripe Atlas is invite-only to start’ says Stripe, ‘We’ll be scaling it to as many companies as possible as quickly as we can. You can apply directly or get a referral from one of our partners."

This approach is not out-of-place, however, because Stripe receives a number of applications from global brands which it charges a fee for and it is in that way that it generates its revenue which has grown to $9 billion in January 2017.

Without this approach, Stripe will be a non-profit local support company helping global brands get into U.S virtually, for their incorporation, business account opening, payment acceptance, and tax and legal guidance.

This is what Stripe is about, and it uses online applications to achieve its purpose to bring thousands of global startups to U.S. Such is a clever business strategy for promoting foreign investments in the U.S.

This strategy is favorable to Stripe as well as serves for the benefit of the U.S government which becomes the hub for all businesses needing to accept U.S payment as the attractive force for getting incorporated in U.S and opening a U.S business account.

Stripe’s business strategy builds a financially viable U.S economy and that is indeed one reason the U.S. government will give Stripe its maximum support, and what about SECSTA Funding, does it favor the governments like Stripe does for the U.S. Government?

The Objective Impacts of SECSTA Funding that Exceed the Economic Impact of Stripe

Indeed, SECSTA Funding’s sustainability vision for socio-economic waste management does not merely favor one government but favors the world government.

It is imperative to note, particularly, how SECSTA Funding is also using the internet to gather investors from all over the world. Investors may either access the internet project directly or be referred by any of SECSTA Funding partners who earn 15% commission any investor they refer who funds any investment portfolio.

SECSTA Funding manages the funded investment portfolios by tracking investors’ data stored in safe retrieval systems needed for contacting investors and distributing their returns on investment, but first, the funds contributed by the investors must be used by SECSTA Funding to finance its diverse socio-economic sustainability projects in different developing economies around the world.

SECSTA Funding achieves its global development options through Public-Private-Partnerships by standing as the bridge builder to developing the poor economies of the world. It focuses on its four cardinal areas of interest in investment sustainability namely integrated transport, integrated green food, integrated clean water and integrated renewable energy with global socio-economic impacts.

By so doing, SF seeks to achieve the unification of socio-economic development in all parts of the world while funds keep coming from investors around the world and the returns are distributed among all the investors achieving the set timeline for investments to generate revenue profitably.

The Hallmark of Achieving SECSTA Funding’s Global Development Milestones

Over and above all landmarks, the development impacts of global integrated investment sustainability projects financed by SECSTA Funding are enjoyed in all parts of the world where SECSTA Funding enters a development partnership with the governments.

SECSTA Funding is positioned as a stakeholder and pioneer of global sustainable socio-economic development and human capital waste-management initiative. Its global development milestones are earmarked as hallmarks of its competence in developing global economic growth capacities.

The Commonality of Both SECSTA Funding and Stripe Working With Partners

There are also some common aspects of who SECSTA Funding is working with and who Stripe is working with.

According to Stripe “We’re working with more than a hundred accelerators, investors, and partners from around the world to get Atlas in the hands of promising startups. In addition, we’re working with some selected companies to make it easier for Atlas startups to take advantage of services: for example, AWS will extend $15,000 in free credits.”

On the side of SECSTA Funding, over 100,000 partners are invited to help SECSTA Funding find investors around the world. The ideal investors are those who will become lifelong stakeholders funding SECSTA Funding’s Sustainability Vision.

Thus, everyone who may wish to partner with SECSTA Funding is invited to send an email body “Please Add Me” to secstafunding@gmail.com. These prospective partners will be automatically added to the partner’s page once the SECSTA Funding launches its partners’ pages where partners will get their links activated in order to refer investors to SECSTA Funding for onward investment.

How SECSTA Funding and Stripe Share A Unique Value for A Strong Trust Edge

Another important value which SECSTA Funding shares with Stripe for building a strong trust edge is transparency.

Stripe is clearly transparent in its pricing by publicly stating the costs of using its services so that anyone applying may already know the cost ahead of the application to readily make any payment in advance of the application acceptance. This is seen in the section about “What does it cost?”

According to Stripe, “Atlas costs $500 during the preview, which includes all fees associated with incorporating your company and opening your business bank account. You’ll pay Stripe’s standard fees of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge. Read more

SECSTA Funding’s transparency is visible in its open communication system for investment costs sorted in valuation tables showing how much can be invested and which percentage of return to expect for each level of investment.

More so, every investor is graded transparently, so it becomes convenient to invest at any grade where you can easily afford the cost of the investment.

As a matter of transparent costing, the investment valuation tables are visible for the three types of investors accessing any of the three SECSTA Funding investment pages. The investors, thus, know how much they will invest in each investment portfolio they choose.

With foreknowledge of value invested and valued to be added by SECSTA Funding after investment, the investors can get ready for the payment while progressing with their registrations.

Moreover, there are no hidden costs, so a one-time investment funding gets the investor ready to start enjoying SECSTA Funding’s distribution of dividends when the investments start generating revenue.

How SECSTA Funding and Stripe Give Access to Information A Central Place

Another common thing between SECSTA Funding and Stripe is the public access to information on how it works. Stripe shows its public access to information in the section on ‘What exactly do I get?’

According to its own statement, “Stripe Atlas will help to incorporate your company in the U.S., open a business bank account, and create a Stripe account so you can charge customers around the world. You’ll also get access to support from PwC, Orrick, and AWS. Read more.”

That’s a fine way of giving you quick information to enhance your knowledge of the value to expect for your money, so you may make an informed payment to Stripe when applying.

In same vein, SECSTA Funding has dedicated a page to giving information about what to expect from it as can be found in the FAQ section which answers all the questions an investor may ask.

The SECSTA Funding’s FAQ page for investors tells you everything you need to know about the different investment portfolios for investors to fund and about its management of the funds contributed in the integrated investment sustainability internet project.

SECSTA Funding’s FAQ responses show how revenue will be generated for investors from the funds to be invested in the Integrated Transport project, explaining its four sectors, as well as revenue from its Integrated Green Food for global food sufficiency, and from two others namely, Integrated Clean Water value chain and Integrated Clean Energy value chain all explained in detail.

One Last Tip to Take Home  

Kindly note that SECSTA Funding is getting ready for building bridges to the destiny of investors by linking global investors from different destinations invited to fund its Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project.

And so, as an intending investor you must remember that you can never be too early on SECSTA Funding, so get ready to start your fund your first investment portfolio on SECTA Funding once the platform goes live. But you must stay updated on what is new on SECSTA Funding.

Ultimately, to stay up-to-date on the timing for the launching of SECSTA Funding, for you not to miss any second of your chance to be among the first investors, subscribe to the temporary mailing list of SECSTA Funding by sending an email body “I need launching update” to secstafunding@gmail.com.      

Saturday, 21 January 2017


 Are Pension Investments The Best Long Term Savings Schemes Preferable To Medium/Long Term Equity Trades, As An Alternative To Pension Schemes, For Securing Your Financial Future?

If you believe pension schemes are good because they are long term savings schemes that are projected to be the best way to secure your financial future, you are not far from the truth, but talking about the best way to secure your financial future, have you tried medium term equity trades?

At SECSTA Funding, we believe we have got the best alternative to pension schemes for securing your financial future and that alternative is our very own equity shares investment opportunity for all public and private employees, who are prospective pensioners, supposed to prefer having a CPPIA; under an accountable and profitable SFAPEI, to having a PPA; under a fraudulent and unaccountable government.

Who Should Trade Equity with SECSTA Funding?

Anyone who has a pension account is the right person to trade equity with SECSTA Funding because this is the best way you can be sure of what your long term savings are used for, rather than the government pension schemes like PenCom that keep increasing their assets annually as 2014, 2015, and 2016 reports of rising pensions assets shows, whereas the money claimed to be free of fraud are used for funding government bonds without accountability to the pensions.

In an article written by Nike Popoola titled “Pension assets rise to N6.02tn” highlighted as a Punch report in Business & Economy under Financial & Economic News on LinkedIn, published on January 19, 2017, it was noted that, “Despite the impact of recession on the Nigerian economy, the total funds under the Contributory Pension Scheme rose to N6.02tn at the end of November 2016.”

The reporter noted further that “According to the commission, the funds rose from N4.6tn at the end of the 2014 financial period to N5.3tn in 2015.” This was a sign of a growing contribution of the public to secure their financial future.

According to the report, “The Director-General, PenCom, Mrs. Chinelo Anohu-Amazu, said the funds were being well managed, adding that no fraud had been recorded under the scheme.”

However, we should note at once that, even though the fund’s management may not be in dispute, we think there are still other aspects to consider when analyzing a report such as this, and that is the concern that, are the funds used for the purpose they are meant? Who benefits at the end of the day?

Some Critical Points to Note about Public Pension Accounts PPA

It is a critical issue to note here that pensioners are not paid their due upon retirement and a lot of reports from these hungry, aged and desperate people have been disregarded by the managers of the pension funds.

The question is, if the pension funds are meant for the pensioners, why are they still not paid to them when due, since non-pensioners are still contributing to the fund? Why is it difficult to pay the pensioners their due? What about interest accrued on such a long term savings, who gets rewarded at last?

We interviewed a pensioner named Mr. Edward Anaele who narrated his ordeals with the state government of Imo State in South-Eastern Nigeria, just recently, by December 2016.

We noted from his narrative his bitter experience of how the governor of Imo state offered the pensioners in the state a duel to either forfeit all their pension funds or agree to sign an undertaken stating that they will each accept only 50% of their pension fund, while the government will keep the remaining 50%.

According to De Eddy, as the narrator is known by his family at home, the undertaken was signed by him like the other pensioners who sought refuge in their half-bread which they believed was better than none.

The pensioners in Imo State unanimously signed a fraudulent undertaken to accept only 50% of their pension funds and so forfeit the remaining 50% to the government, yet even the agreed 50% meant for them was not paid, and the government went on air to announce that all pensioners have been paid.

Isn’t this a case of unmasked fraud? Not only is the government directly involved in negotiating fraudulent percentages of lower pension funds to be paid to aggrieved pensioners, but the government gambles with the pensioners’ sweat.

This is a case of sheer inhumanity, especially when the pension funds are not paid to those whose due it is at the right time. How is it that upon promise to pay a defrauded amount to pensioners, the government still feels just to deny pensioners their due having made them forfeit half their pension funds?

Isn’t it criminal that the same fund has always been in the possession of the government with accruing interest to the management board behind the scheme, yet those who contributed the fund are denied it when due?

According to the report under review, Anohu-Amazu was quoted stating some management claims of innovations in having “instituted a stiffer regime of sanctions and penalties for infringements, ensured the upward review of the minimum rate of pension contribution in order to enhance the value of pension pay-outs, and expanded the coverage of private sector employees under the CPS.”

How to Deal With the Problem For Defrauded Pension Funds Once and For All

To juxtapose the above claims with the story narrated by the Pensioner mentioned above you notice an outright contradiction in what is claimed and what is the actual case, there is no enhanced value of pension pay-outs as claimed, instead there is loss of above 50% of the pension due the pensioners in many cases. What could be responsible for this?

The reason could be seen in the further points noted in the report which added that “The Chairman, Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria, Mr. Eguarehide Longe, said the pension funds were active in different investment portfolios. According to him, the bulk of the funds is invested in government bonds, which the government has invested some in infrastructure.”

The above is the typical case of a defensive attempt to cover gross government frauds. If the pensioners are not able to get their funds contributed in the scheme at the end of their services in private and public sectors, then it is a waste of precious years making such a long term savings which do not really guarantee the security of your financial future. So it is best to think of a better alternative to PPA.

How Is SECSTA Funding Offering A Relief To Forestall The Defrauding of Pensioners By the Government?

Seeing that government is not accountable for returns from PPA pension funds active in different investment portfolio which are mainly government investments, as reported above, is there any need deceiving employees that their pension funds will ever secure their financial future? The answer is no, if the opposite is the case, since pensioners are defrauded by the government at the end of the day?

There is no need hiding the truth in a bid to protect the image of the government. So, without asking employees not to contribute to the government pension schemes through Public Pension Accounts (PPA), SECSTA Funding has created a more reliable investment portfolio known as SECSTA Funding Alternative Pension Equity Investment (SFAPEI) scheme, and this is for employees who deserve to have a Complementary Personal Pension Investment Account (CPPIA) with SECSTA Funding.

What is the SFAPEI CPPIA About and How Is It Better that Government PPA?

The SFAPEI Complementary Personal Pension Investment Account (CPPIA) is for every employee to stay in control of securing their financial future by themselves using their own contributions to invest in the best investment portfolio known as SF Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project (IISIP).

SF IISIP is where SFAPEI is able to ensure employees having the CPPIA can see their funds yielding dividends in the long term and they themselves will be the ones to benefit from their investments rather than letting the fraudulent government to defraud them and make them forfeit even their life savings.

The Frequently Asked Questions section of the SF site gives the entire details on what the SFAPEI funds are invested in, and how to invest in it, as well as what to expect from it at the end of year, in terms of sustainability reporting that shows how the pension funds have been invested and how much dividends are to be anticipated by the alternative pensioners at the end of their service year.

Why You Should Now Take Action With The SFAPEI For The Ultimate Solution To Pension Frauds?

The unique thing which makes the SFAPEI scheme the best long-term savings preferable to other pension schemes managed by the government is that the pension funds invested in SF IISIP are not hidden until the end of a pensioner’s active years of service.

On the contrary, the prospective pensioner knows what is happening in the investment portfolio where his pension funds are active, and knows what to expect as enhanced pension pay-outs; which will be far over 600% of the total fund contributed by the individual pensioner through a monthly income deduction from the employee’s salaries to fund the CPPIA on a monthly basis.

SFAPEI extols accountability over profitability and yet guarantees both accountability and profitability so that pension funds yield profits to the pensioner and there is no loss to the pensioner.

Now answer the big question: which will you prefer as an employee, today, if offered the option to choose between putting your life savings in either “the unaccountable and fraudulent Public Pension Schemes”, with Anticipated Losses, or choosing “the accountable and profitable Personal Pension Scheme with SFAPEI?

Guaranteeing the Security of Your Financial Future with SFAPEI

You will find that it is more satisfying to know you have an SFAPEI Complementary Personal Pension Investment Account (CPPIA) than to have a Public Pension Account (PPA) with the government; because, even as the latter keeps counting trillions of Naira in increased total pension asset value, no pensioner gets 100% of the fund contributed at the due time for pension arias, and no one gives account of the reason for losses to pensioner.

Therefore, working with SFAPEI is the wisest way to secure your financial future. You should now think of being among the first beneficiaries of the innovative alternative pension equity investment scheme by having your own Complementary Personal Pension Investment Account (CPPIA) opened with SECSTA Funding today.

Finally, if you are interested in the SFAPEI scheme and you prefer to have a CPPIA with SECSTA Funding, where you will make profit on your pension funds, and get annual account of the status of your pension funds, you may now get started by sending an email body saying, “I am interested in SFAPEI, and I want to have my CPPIA created in 2017 with SECSTA Funding.” to secstafunding@gmail.com.      

Friday, 20 January 2017



If at this time of global economic upheavals business partnership opportunities do not sound a sweet melody in your ear drums, you are not supposed to read this. 

On the contrary, if you are excited about business partnerships, then this record breaking business partnership will beat every existing record breaker.

Have you ever thought of what it is like for an author to become a bestseller? Maybe this is the first time you will be learning that bestselling authors rely on a lot of strategic business partnerships to achieve their book marketing goals.

Then, what if you had the opportunity of being called to partner with the author before the marketing was kicked off in order to invest in the marketing budget and expect returns from the sales percentage of a bestseller wannabe; would you have turned down the offer of a hand of partnership?

If yes, then kindly stop reading right here, but if no, then this is one-of-a-kind business partnership opportunity which you are been offered a hand to accept it as it has reached you at this time.

The book to be marketed is “The Backbone of An Effective Worker” and the author seeking your partnership is Francis B. Isugu, and this is the opportunity you shouldn’t turn down to reap from the sales percentage of the book that is on its way to becoming a bestseller with your partnership investment and moral support. See book cover below.

How to be A Partner?

To be a partner is easy, choose the grade of investment you can afford to make in the book marketing budget and make your payments at any time of the year 2017, as the book will be marketed all through the year, and since it is an interesting one for every worker, you can rest assured “The Backbone of An Effective Worker” would become a bestseller, as soon as possible. See investment table below.

How Will the Book Become A Bestseller in 2017?

The book will become a bestseller with this marketing strategy as follows:

  1. For every $1000 raised, 1000 copies of book will be printed, estimating book printing cost at $1 per copy.
  2. For every 1000 copies of book prints in circulation, procure and brand 10 book stands for mobile book launch as a marketing strategy, estimating each branded mobile book stand to cost $30.
  3. For every 10 mobile book-stands procured and branded for mobile book launch, acquire and brand 10 medium sized umbrellas for book-stand attachment, serving as a shade from sun & rain, estimating each umbrella will cost $10.
  4. For every 1000 copies of book to be sold during 2017 mobile book launch session, design and print volume bookcases for each copy of book with author’s photo, book title, back cover reviews and book launching price tag, estimating the design of each bookcase’ design and printing to be $0.50.
  5. For every 1000 copies of the book printed weekly; when available partner’s fund exceed $2000, hire 10 mobile telemarketers, giving each a sales target to sell 100 book copies per week for a 10% sales commission per sold copy and equip each marketer with marketing kits and commuting mobilization finance, estimating each round of weekly telemarketing cost to be $200.
  6. For each round of 10 telemarketers hired, acquire 10 flexible armless plastic chairs to assign to each marketer as a part of their marketing kit, so they can rest anywhere they choose to move to for their mobile book sales, holding their chairs along with their mobile book-stands constructed with hinges for holding the chairs, estimating each round of chairs acquisition to cost $100.
  7. For every fifth round of completed sales of 1000 book copies, multiply book volume printing by 5, then 10, then 50, and then 100, and then 500 and then 1000 to upscale book marketing returns with increased input for maximized marketing output, selling each book at $3 per copy.

Partners’ Royalties From The Book Marketing Revenue.

For the period of 12 months covered for the book release and mobile book launch of “The Backbone of An Effective Worker” partners will receive their royalties according to the volume cost they invest in. See volume cost, pricing and sales returns template below.

Subscribing For Partnership To Invest In The Book Marketing.

Now you can subscribe to be a partner on the book release, launching and telemarketing of the “Backbone of An Effective Worker” by sending an email request with the message body “Send me book partnership investment payment option” to 
boldstepcap@gmail.com, or call +2348126225948 to make your inquiries about this opportunity.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Do You Believe MMM Will Rise or Fall In 2017?

Two ways MMM and Other Alleged MMM-Cloned Member-to-Member Donation Platforms Will Not Survive Their Toughest 2017 Competitions

There is fear that MMM will fall in Nigeria in 2017, following complaints of members about the disparaging event of the 2016 Christmas Holiday short-down of MMM, alongside the World Bank’s and IMF’s forecast of Nigeria’s slow economic growth, after the nation has seen its highest inflation in 11 years.

The country's inflation grew to 18.6% in 11 consecutive months, as stated by the Bureau of Statistics, and the continuous negative signs that the Nation’s currency will suffer a more gregarious fall in 2017, following the uncertainty of its OPEC deals, are among the reasons to expect the reaction of Nigerians to investment opportunities as counter-productive.

Indeed some business owners are already having preference for the “guiders” role on donation platforms, as a better way to make money than to buy and sell products.

One would ordinarily expect that MMM and its allies will witness more fans-support through 2017 amidst skepticism that the platform is sustainable, since it can short-down operations at any time, and there are bound to be losers whenever it happens.

Moreover, many 2016 MMM fans have been interviewed on radio and have aired their opinions about their belief in the donation platform which topped the chart in 2016, and against all mixed fillings expressed, it has been stated by a greater majority that they will continue to support the platform but with a lower risk capital.

New members are equally anticipated by guiders to join the platform, so guiders are beginning to set up local offices and to register them as new areas of business. That appears like a new market has been opened in the Nigerian economic frontier which will be best denoted as the “Donation market”.

While this may look like a new opportunity for business owners to veer with their capital, its impact on the society will remain significant, as there will be no less harmful impact on the economy than there will be financial boost in the pockets of retail clients (donors) and agents (guiders).

But nothing among the foregoing suggests a decline in the Win-Lose outlook of MMM vs. Nigerian Economy, hence the Nigerian economy will continue to be the loser as people will abandon their businesses for the new “donation market” that abates none of the problems of the economy and the government will continue to depend heavily on debt reliefs from other governments like Chinese and Development banks.

However, there are no innovations to see mounting the center stage that will challenge MMM and its cronies, such that people will be presented with the option of getting richer with innovative substantial investment platforms like SECSTA Funding and My Big Funders both launching in 2017 from the same local office in Port Harcourt or remain rooted in MMM and its cronies that will not change their donation and payment metrics.

SECSTA Funding (SF) and My Big Funders (MBF) are the two ways MMM with other Alleged MMM-Cloned Member to Member Donation Platforms Will Not Survive 2017 Competitions.

While the distinctive features of SF and MBF is that they are not donation platforms, they are incorporated entities and they can help investors maximize their wealth in a much less amount of time than MMM and other donation platforms can possibly do without changing their donation and payment metrics which would mean altering their mission in a bid to become competitive.

How My Big Funders (MBF) Wins MMM

First of all, My Big Funders (MBF) is the real big thing that will bring to the collapse of MMM because it has room for capacity development where everyone can be taught the secrets to making real wealth in a really short time with new skills they can acquire that will help them to start a fast growing and high speed liquidating business that could never have started with MMM alone. MMM does not build anyone’s capacity and MMM does not support entrepreneurship; that is why businesses are closing when MMM is open.

Another point about MBF is that it is very fast and effective way to boost the growth of socio-enterprises and make individuals more enterprising, creative and hardworking for the purpose of becoming self-reliant and able to help build back a falling economy.

Besides, MBF is a real financial platform which operates locally for the purpose of being accessible like the banks are always accessible. But it has only two doors for everyone to come in, the first being the door to investment that turns in quick profit in 24 hours without the investor doing any work himself, and the second door is open for anyone who wants to learn the secrets of making quick wealth working from home or office to the capacity of generating $15,000 monthly.

Since these are real opportunities that people never saw, MBF will dominate the innovative business frontier with a heavy dependence on primary software technology market without having its own technology patent, as a secondary software tech driven firm.

The biggest competitive edge of MBF over MMM is that while MMM offers members 30% return for member to member donations which mature in 30 days, where the money is not connected with any investment process, MBF offers investors 60% return on investment that mature in 24 hours where members know their money is connected with a real investment process with a highly volatile return metrics.

For this reason, there will be no need to donate to members on MMM, Givers Forum, Get Help, or other cloned-versions of MMM; where you have to wait 10 days, 14 days and 30 days, as the case may be, before getting back your donation with a higher interest not more than 50%.

In MBF, you are like a real merchant that knows how much capital is needed to invest in an asset which is traded in 24 hours and turns in a profit of 60%, just after you contribute to the growth of the platform by referring one new investor.

It means that while others are still waiting for more 9, 13, and 29 days to receive donations from their fellow members on MMM and its cronies, you are already reaping the returns of your investments in 60 folds every 24 hours on MBF.

And then, with evidence, anyone who hears that MBF is such a reliable investment platform will have no option but to abandon MMM for MBF. Who wins at the end of the day? MBF wins and MMM loses.

So, in the competition of MMM vs. the economy, the result is Win-Lose, and now because the Nigerian economy is not competitive, a stronger competition has come to beat down the pants of MMM and with the same result of Win-Lose in the competition of MBF vs MMM, the loser this time is MMM.

Why SECSTA Funding (SF) Is MMM's Biggest Threat in 2017

MBF is just one way of turning the table against MMM, another way is SECSTA Funding. And this time, SECSTA Funding (SF) is much bigger than MBF and so competes even better against MMM.

While MBF is able to give 60% in 24 hours and build capacity, SECSTA Funding (SF) comes low with only 7% in 6 days, yet still beats MMM because it pays 600% royalties every six months without demanding a base of another investment for that 600% royalty but qualifies an investor for earning it on the highest group level worth $560 in so far as the member had been accredited on that level for at least once in six months.

The assuring thing about SF is that it is not a clone of any other investment or donation platform as it prides itself on being the world’s first Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project (IISIP) where low income earners are groomed to become accredited investors, and it also builds a fortified lending system with a non-profit mission which is honed as the world’s first zero-interest humanitarian lending service provider.

What this means is that MMM cannot afford to give anyone money if the person has not previously made a donation, but SECSTA Funding has a non-profit mission of giving potential investors money for them to invest it anywhere of their choice and to pay back the same amount they received in not more than 12 months time.

So, this is the biggest thing that spells out the difference why everyone will prefer to access SECSTA Funding for zero-interest loan that can be accessed on the spot online.

SECSTA Funding’s mission is backed by sales of preference and equity shares and this means it is a global investment platform while its reward to investors is guaranteed by the sustainability of its vision for being the World’s first Integrated Investment Sustainability Internet Project (IISIP).

In comparison with MMM, a member can only receive 180% cumulative donation interest after six rounds of donations on the MMM platform to other MMM users. That is all a member can expect after 6 months by adding up 30% interest gained each month until the sixth month, and even for another six months, the total will only be 360% as each 30% adds up for twelve times donation possible in a year. This profit is indeed less compared with what an investor gets on SECSTA Funding.

First, an investor gets accredited for only once in about 5 weeks, then moves to a higher group level for another accreditation until the fifth group level is reached then the member has covered the entire group levels in only 25 weeks, all less than 6 months, then, in the sixth month, the investor receives 600% royalty from the last group level accreditation worth $560, raising the fund earned to $3800.

That is only a royalty not an ROI, so, while the member anticipates getting a royalty payment in every sixth month for the highest level accreditation attained before the time, the member has always received 7% ROI in every six days after a group level investment.

The point then is that, SF helps its investors to start investing with a very low capital of $21 worth of accreditation which qualifies them to invest on a group level for five rounds using repeated investment of the same accreditation amount equivalent, then helps them to grow it to $560 in a total of 25 weeks at which point they earn 600% royalty.

It elevates them from the level of being low level preference shares investors whose investment in SF shares are not up to $1000 to the point of having received 600% Royalty where they can then participate in SF equity share, as accredited investors able to participate at the first grade of SF equity share, with a minimum investment range of 3 units with each range being worth $1000, and they still have an excess of $60.

They return back to invest in SF preference shares and watch it grow in the same way from $21 to $560; that is the fine thing about SECSTA Funding, that investors know they are actually growing to earn bigger royalties and then the time they have been waiting for comes, when their equity share yields dividends after 12 months because the fund was invested in SF’s Integrated Investment Sustainability projects which cover integrated transport, green food, clean water and renewable energy.

Having shown this edge, what SF investors benefit in 6 months, MMM members cannot benefit in 12 months. That goes well to show that in the competition of SF vs. MMM, the result is Win-Lose in favor of SECSTA Funding as the winner while MMM is the loser here.


It is anticipated that when SF investors tell others what they are earning on SF is far bigger and better than MMM and its cronies, it will be expected that MMM members will abandon MMM for SF and that is when the real change begins to happen in society as SF will bring real development that MMM cannot bring.

Moreover, there are career opportunities on SF so that MMM’s guiders can quit MMM and still find a better opportunity on SF which offers partners up to $1000 weekly, and the interesting thing is that Partners can always earn commission from the preference shares investors they introduce to SF on recurrent basis, as well as from those equity investors they introduce to SF on one-time investment commission basis.

This is why SF is the biggest innovation ever and its career opportunities are open for everyone who wants to quit MMM guider’s position for SF partnership.

Now, if MBF and SF are launched in 2017, anyone can be sure that MMM is doomed to perish.

So, instead of thinking MMM will last, people with foresight should start preparing to switch completely over to MBF for daily 60% profit and to SF for 600% Royalty plus weekly 7% ROI and annual dividends from SF equity shares.


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