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Friday, 20 January 2017



If at this time of global economic upheavals business partnership opportunities do not sound a sweet melody in your ear drums, you are not supposed to read this. 

On the contrary, if you are excited about business partnerships, then this record breaking business partnership will beat every existing record breaker.

Have you ever thought of what it is like for an author to become a bestseller? Maybe this is the first time you will be learning that bestselling authors rely on a lot of strategic business partnerships to achieve their book marketing goals.

Then, what if you had the opportunity of being called to partner with the author before the marketing was kicked off in order to invest in the marketing budget and expect returns from the sales percentage of a bestseller wannabe; would you have turned down the offer of a hand of partnership?

If yes, then kindly stop reading right here, but if no, then this is one-of-a-kind business partnership opportunity which you are been offered a hand to accept it as it has reached you at this time.

The book to be marketed is “The Backbone of An Effective Worker” and the author seeking your partnership is Francis B. Isugu, and this is the opportunity you shouldn’t turn down to reap from the sales percentage of the book that is on its way to becoming a bestseller with your partnership investment and moral support. See book cover below.

How to be A Partner?

To be a partner is easy, choose the grade of investment you can afford to make in the book marketing budget and make your payments at any time of the year 2017, as the book will be marketed all through the year, and since it is an interesting one for every worker, you can rest assured “The Backbone of An Effective Worker” would become a bestseller, as soon as possible. See investment table below.

How Will the Book Become A Bestseller in 2017?

The book will become a bestseller with this marketing strategy as follows:

  1. For every $1000 raised, 1000 copies of book will be printed, estimating book printing cost at $1 per copy.
  2. For every 1000 copies of book prints in circulation, procure and brand 10 book stands for mobile book launch as a marketing strategy, estimating each branded mobile book stand to cost $30.
  3. For every 10 mobile book-stands procured and branded for mobile book launch, acquire and brand 10 medium sized umbrellas for book-stand attachment, serving as a shade from sun & rain, estimating each umbrella will cost $10.
  4. For every 1000 copies of book to be sold during 2017 mobile book launch session, design and print volume bookcases for each copy of book with author’s photo, book title, back cover reviews and book launching price tag, estimating the design of each bookcase’ design and printing to be $0.50.
  5. For every 1000 copies of the book printed weekly; when available partner’s fund exceed $2000, hire 10 mobile telemarketers, giving each a sales target to sell 100 book copies per week for a 10% sales commission per sold copy and equip each marketer with marketing kits and commuting mobilization finance, estimating each round of weekly telemarketing cost to be $200.
  6. For each round of 10 telemarketers hired, acquire 10 flexible armless plastic chairs to assign to each marketer as a part of their marketing kit, so they can rest anywhere they choose to move to for their mobile book sales, holding their chairs along with their mobile book-stands constructed with hinges for holding the chairs, estimating each round of chairs acquisition to cost $100.
  7. For every fifth round of completed sales of 1000 book copies, multiply book volume printing by 5, then 10, then 50, and then 100, and then 500 and then 1000 to upscale book marketing returns with increased input for maximized marketing output, selling each book at $3 per copy.

Partners’ Royalties From The Book Marketing Revenue.

For the period of 12 months covered for the book release and mobile book launch of “The Backbone of An Effective Worker” partners will receive their royalties according to the volume cost they invest in. See volume cost, pricing and sales returns template below.

Subscribing For Partnership To Invest In The Book Marketing.

Now you can subscribe to be a partner on the book release, launching and telemarketing of the “Backbone of An Effective Worker” by sending an email request with the message body “Send me book partnership investment payment option” to 
boldstepcap@gmail.com, or call +2348126225948 to make your inquiries about this opportunity.

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