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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Earn 50 to 100% Return Per $1 Trade Every Thirty Seconds

Earn 50 to 100% Return Per $1 Trade Every Thirty Seconds

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By Francis B. Isugu


Trading Binary Options is how to make it better than the Chief Executive of a National Oil Company that can’t pay workers when there is drop in oil price. While most people complain the economy is bad, traders of binary options consistently cash their profits every minute making winning trades daily? Wouldn’t you rather be among the winners than among the losers during any economic repression?
If you are a forex trader, you will be better secure when you add binary options trade to your activities, as you will be able to balance the loss of forex trade with the profit of binary options trade. You may consider trading forex binary options today, if you already know how to trade forex.
After reading this article, I bet the next time you will consider buying your phone recharging voucher above 100 Naira you will pause to rethink saying, I rather recharge the lowest rate in order to save on one recharge voucher and qualify for the lowest binary option minimum trade deposit of $10. And this is good idea because you can raise $10 by simply saving 100 Naira from every intending recharge voucher purchase above 100 Naira, saved consistently for 35 consecutive times.
The proof of learning is a change of attitude and behavior in a permanent way, and knowledge is acquired for the purpose taking actions conscientiously. This short article is meant to impart an actionable knowledge by showing you how to start saving each time you think of buying your phone recharge voucher above N100.
You may want to remember this instruction before reading the details, if you want to start making winning trades as a binary options trader, then you must resist buying recharge voucher for your phone above N100 / day until you have saved above $10 to $300 for your minimum binary options trade deposit.
In this article, you will learn why you should never spend above 100 Naira on recharge voucher every day, but convert that extra N100 or more into your capital for binary options trade. It is meant to help someone reading with interest to start making profits every minute than wasting money recharging the mobile phones without getting any return after 5 minutes of call. You want to know how? Read on…

Think Business; Think Opportunity with the value of N100 everyday saved for Binary Options Trade

Do you spend N100 everyday as your minimum recharge voucher worth charged back at the rate of 50k/sec. by the telecommunications company you patronize for your daily phone calls? Are you aware that your N100 is exhausted in less than 5 minutes of call time and you get no return for your money spend? Where does your money go? Should call time be really so expensive, in the first place?
Double-check your wallet to be double-sure of no leakage, otherwise you are the one who is just being careless with your money, if you haven’t started seeing too much money unaccounted for when spending on recharge vouchers. Cool sum goes out of your wallet everyday on call time with exploitation of call tariff by the telecommunication service network providing companies. You aren’t accounting for all spending on recharge vouchers. This is wasteful because no return is generated even when you feel you have used the money to connect with your family and friends, business partners or team members.
Any money you spend without an equal or double return generated directly or indirectly is a wasted fund. You need to value every single digit of money you spend for any purpose and shouldn’t end any day without accounting for all the money you spent to balance your account as profit or loss.
You lose when you spent more than you earned or generated from the spending, and you gain when you generate double of or more than you spent on a project that guarantees returns daily. So, if you think business, you will see an opportunity in knowing how to convert the money you spend into capital for any profitable investment. If you do this every day, then you will make profit everyday and grow rich.
To grow rich, you need the discipline of spending money on projects that guarantee returns always. You will have to curtail your spending on things that don’t guarantee returns. Making long phone calls that are not cold calling becomes a waste of fund when you do this every day for more than 3 minutes, no matter how necessary. The important thing is to have your calling budget, alongside your investment capital budget.
Do you know making 5 minutes of non-business calls every day is a huge loss to you and profit for communications companies? You are losing your potential investment capital. If you don’t have a business or any investment and make such non-business calls every day, you are financially unaccountable. If you want to spend more than 3 minutes of non-business calls daily, first save for your business and investment need, generate capital first to make profit for an excess to spend on call tariffs.
If while you read this article you are still idle, yet you spend over 5 minutes on non-business calls daily, consider yourself doomed to be poor, because no one can become rich who is financially unaccountable. Your valuable money is not worth wasting on aimless profitless phone conversations.
Stop wasting valuable financial resources on phone calls rather than saving for your business and investment capital needs.
Communications companies will never return money for your money, and the only value they return is your call time converted into money for themselves. So you lose your money with your own time and they make profit on your money and time. In other words, the more time you waste on calls, the more money you spend and the more money they make from you as their customers.
You go empty, as your call balance would show after exhausting your call time, while the companies will go fill, so your loss is their profit. Why not strive to turn the table around so you start making profit on all your calls? How will you do this?
You must learn to think opportunity with every minute of call your make off your phone or computer to start generating returns trading assets with your money put into the right kind of call. What is the right kind of call that guarantees return of money for your money spent on every minute of placing a call?
Communications companies don’t have the answer for such calls. Find the companies that have the answer and the platform for the calls that you earn money for making. Start converting calls to money for your profit not your loss. Ignore the phone calls. Go for the binary options trade calls to make money.

How to Convert Daily 5 Minutes Calls into 5 Minutes Trade

Are you aware you can trade binary options in half a minute and make 10 times of N100 in 5 minutes every day? In binary options, there are calls you make for half a minute with an 80% - 89% return guarantee of up to 50% to 100% payout of profit on your capital, which can be as low as $1, whereas in your phone calls made above 5 minutes, you only pay for each second without as low as 1% return on your call spend.
Which is better?
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See you in next post!

Opportunity Capitalist

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