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Friday, 8 July 2016

How to Consistently Make Smarter, More Profitable Trades.

An Amazing Smarter Trade Learning & Earning Opportunity at TradeSpoon

By Francis B. Isugu

Learn From Vlad Karpel Himself

"If you really want to know … if you truly care to learn, then this is one-stop trading school you should enroll in today with equal opportunity to start earning without any challenges." --Tradespoon

As an opportunity capitalist,

I decided before writing this article to make it my shortest article ever written, at most you should put in only 3 minutes of reading time and I think I have done justice to keeping it simple and to-the-point on an amazing Smarter Trade learning opportunity at TradeSpoon.

There is not much to say especially since you will learn from Vlad himself, and there is no better trading instructor on the internet than Vlad who can help you trade more successfully.

As your instructor, Vlad’s simple goal is to help teach you how to consistently make smarter, more profitable trades. But he expects you to be self-directed in the trade. Whatever this means, rest assured there is nothing to worry about when Vlad is your smarter trade teacher.

Even if you know nothing about trading stocks and options, your meeting with Vlad, in all TradeSpoon’s Video Collections for smarter trade training, will give you an expert knowledge on trading; which you might never find elsewhere.

Even if you have just a few minutes to spend for taking smarter trade lessons each day, you will get filled with sufficient information to make you a successful trader every day. 

Outright, each lesson you cover will make you better than you were before the lesson, as Vlad will personally show you how he trades every step of the way. 

Now take your first learning and earning bold step as you go up the ladder to sit on Vlad’s smarter trade shoulders on TradeSpoon.

Who is Vlad Karpel?

Vlad is the kind of man you will feel proud to introduce to others and brag about his personality saying, “I was taught by the best, none other than the famous Vlad Karpel himself” and people, who don’t know him well, will feel ashamed of asking “who is Vlad Karpel?” 

So, if you don’t know Vlad, then don’t miss this introduction.

Knowing his name alone would pose good luck of finding something good in somebody really good at what he does. 

Since the inception of OptionsXpress through 2007, Vlad was its Executive Vice President and Head of Technology; no wonder he is so qualified to be called “smarter trade teacher.”  

Vlad’s leadership of OptionsXpress powered the company’s growth to over $1.6 Billion in Market capitalization. 

Not so many executives have achieved this, and, in fact, if you haven’t led a $1.1 million company, you know Vlad isn’t on the same position of corporate leadership success with you; he is far higher up the executive ladder, and if you are his student, you too can climb that ladder, even faster.

Albeit in the meantime, Vlad isn’t someone you should compare yourself with, yet you will be right to call him teacher if you know what is honorable in a man of success of like Vlad. 

Experience Vlad and you will be empowered to become a successful trader. Vlad is CEO and Founder of TradeSpoon.   

9 Opportunities You Get When You Learn Smarter Trade from Vlad

1.   You Get a Guide showing you How to Start on TradeSpoon. Since membership is free, there is no limit to what you get in a drop-ship overload of information. 

Get started by watching the TradeSpoon quick-start video to make the most of the TradeSpoon platform.

2.   Every student needs to visit the library – same here. The Video Training Library is open for your access, so you go in at will to study and learn how to trade smarter. 

You get dozens of short and to-the-point educational videos that meet you well at your level, because Vlad is your teacher.

3.   Go Live to Lean Like In-class learning with Live Educational Webinars

You won’t find the online training less interesting, as you get weekly help to trade smarter with Vlad guiding you.

4.   Good students take note; same with HD Webinar Recordings – peradventure you miss any session of the live webinar, nothing to fear, note is taken for you, so all you do is schedule a leisure time to retrieve lessons you have missed.

5.   Smart Students stay updated – With Market Commentary you know you are not left in the dark. 

Add the newly posted twice-weekly updated blog posts to your study planner to get a break down of the market and stocks which you may want to add to your personal watch list.

6.   Smart students are Researchers – no exception with access to Case Studies. 

Make it easier to get facts via detailed videos with step-by-step guide to score successful trades.

7.   Students learn better with examples – so too with Smart Trading Guides. You know how it is like having the right text books to reference during studies. 

You may want to stock your resources for any-time reference by downloading the handy PDF checklist and guides to help streamline your trading and increase your success.

8.   Students ask their teachers to explain or clarify areas they find difficult, so too with Virtual Trading Account, you don’t manipulate yours alone; it’s your best guarantee of practicing trades without risk. 

It’s like the exercise you do at home when you have reviewed the lessons and attempted the exercises in the text books. You don’t get actual scores. 

In same vein, no actual money exchanges hands on the virtual trading account, you get the confidence of using a tool like this that offers a completely risk-free environment that prepares you for taking the risks of actual trades.

9.   Students know where to find their teachers when needed, same applies in your access to Dedicated Support; where you get answers to any questions or problems you encounter throughout your learning process … if you really want to know … if you truly care to learn, then this is one-stop trading school you should enroll in today without earning challenges.

Before you start, kindly get the clearance info that follows:

1.   TradeSpoon makes smarter trading as easy as 1-2-3.
2.   TradeSpoon Video Training Vault gives you instant access to the power of predictive analytics.
3.   Use available exclusive stock intelligence to uncover the most profitable opportunities in the market!
4.   3 steps to become a more successful trader, as easy as:
1.   Free Sign Up
ü  Create an absolutely free account profile to access Tradespoon’s Video Training Vault.
ü  Experience the ease of access and usage.
ü  Enter your email address, choose a password and start your membership.

2.   “How to Trade” knowledge-base expansion
*      Learn and Earn using Tradespoon’s Video training Vault.
*      Advance your trading abilities with your training video free access.
*      Position yourself for more consistent profits.

3.   Profitable trades and more to be uncovered
Ø  Become a more successful trader using each TradeSpoon Tool revealed in the training video.
Ø  Discover how predictive analytics and real-time market data are used in TradeSpoon tools to uncover more winners (more often).
Ø  Get insight on which stocks to trade if you have positive risk tolerance.

Don’t delay to grab these opportunities, click here now to start.

Finally, create a Free Tradespoon Account! To gain instant access, simply create an account (It's FREE!) For more inquiries, call +234-812-622-5948 or you may click here to mail your questions. Start Learning and Earning Here or see lessons here.

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