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Monday, 26 September 2016

9 Easy Tips to Earn Cash Rewards Daily on a Social Platform

This Social Platform Rewards USERS with Daily Cash for Sharing Updates  

By Francis B. Isugu

The platform has existed for over 15 years building technologies with only one objective in mind; bringing economic upside to you as opposed to rich investors, corporations and advertisers.  

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By creating your account, you will earn your first $20 on the platform, now you don’t want this to be the last amount you will earn on this platform, so what would you do? This article makes the point clear about the 9 ways you can keep making money on the platform, all of which are things you are used to doing already and you probably have been doing some of them on other platforms without making any money. But this time, make the story different for yourself. You can do same old things in an even easier way and make daily money up to $500 on same platform. To continue earning, you may do these also:

1. Make your profile more visible to get more views and likes by posting updates daily and sharing others’ updates.
2. Close the loop by making new friends who you know will share your posts when you share theirs.
3. Post something new every day to ensure you’re being presented to others.
4. Buy anything you like from the social marketplace and post something new about what you bought.
5. Go green in your platform gauges and post something new about why you love going green in your gauges.
6. Advertise anything you want to sell, sponsor or promote with your ad credits to enable you achieve financial freedom for you and your loved ones since you will instantly spread your ad far and wide on the platform, and when you sell, post how much you made from selling a few things by spending your ad credits to make profits and paying back from your profit later.
7. Decide to increase the number of loops you close each day and post something new about the number of loops you will close on each day.
8. Use the social app to get quick update notifications for new loops you can close each day and post something new on why you love using the social app and add a link to your post for another to download the app.
9. Increase your earnings by getting more people to view your posts and so set a goal of inviting up to 1000 new people to join you on the platform, like you have been invited to join me and 1 billion others using the platform to make up to $500 daily; see my $20 freebie reward for reading this article here.

Doing all the above nine things requires you to set a goal about how much you want to earn on the platform every day, how long you want to spend on the platform, and what you want to be doing everyday while on the platform. If you have set your goals along earning from the above nine things you can start doing now to never borrow small amount of money again, then, it’s time to start doing them.

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You have learnt from this article that the platform is a place you keep earning every day. So, if you have created your account here to get your $20 for reading this article, and you feel there is someone who needs to know about this opportunity, then spread the word, by sharing this article with your friends, and keep sharing the opportunity to continue earning every day.

See you in my next post!
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