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Monday, 19 September 2016

Upscale Your 50% Returns on Investment with the BSCS FIB Scheme, Monthly

MMM Is Good, Bitcoin or FIB, Which is Better? BOP-SIP-HCD Is the Best

Nigerians say “Go to Hell CBN, NSE, SEC & NDIC for FG has failed us but MMM puts money in our pocket”

Francis B. Isugu

“If you can’t read this article to the end, you are a lazy coward…”
“Risk takers are the profit makers. Please say something else. MMM is real”


Take credit for creating new jobs for 1 million persons, without owning a business yourself, you can now do so every month, by making FIB deposits monthly and naming the number of persons you want employed as you do so. Say, you want BSCS to employ 10 persons every month, all you will have to do is multiply this number (10) with the minimum empowerment stakeholder’s investment amount (N10,000) deposited monthly, repeated monthly for 10 years. So, you not only get 10 persons employed monthly, but you make 50% monthly interest, as a token of gratitude from those you empowered with your FIB Deposit, monthly, for 10 years until you change 1 million lives by helping BSCS empower their future financial security with new jobs in the capital market.


This article is about the most topical issue in Africa, with Nigeria as a case study for highlighting the lawlessness of Nigerians becoming ever selfish to their own collective downfall, as seen in the comments by MMM supporters responding to the CBN warning against depositing money in MMM.
Segun’s response on September 17, 2016 reads: “Can’t the CBN and SEC staff read the simple English and meaning of mutual aid fund? Which is far different from investment. We know your problem and we shall never be panic to stop giving help to each other.”
Immediately after Segun, Nobman also responded to the article on the same day saying “CBN, Federal Government or whatever you call yourselves, please mind your own business and face the problems in the country and leave MMM alone. You are very happy seeing your citizens in abject poverty. But thanks to God almighty that MMM has come to rescue lives. You have not been able to handle the problem of dollar exchange rates, unemployment, nonpayment of salaries, dilapidated road etc. I can say that CBN is only jealous. Thank God MMM has no central account to freeze. MMM, together we can change the world.”
Opeyemi’s response on September 18, 2016 also caught my attention as he ranted “Bad belle, SEC, CBN. What is your problem with MMM? Killing your business because a reasonable investor will rather prefe to invest in MMM rather than your system. You can’t beat the rate MMM offers to ordinary Nigerians. Risk takers are the profit makers. Please say something else. MMM is real.”
These are a few selections I made among the many responses to the article titled “CBN Warns Against Depositing Money in ‘MMM Nigeria’” published on September 16, 2016 by Yinka Agunbiade on Information Nigeria’s website www.informationng.com.  
To keep it short, there is no gainsaying the fact that MMM is good, or as it appears, only because it makes you give because you expect to receive more not because you love your brother in need or would help him in ordinary circumstances even if you had excess.

Case study of MMM beggars’ blood flowing in the veins of Nigerians:

In Nigeria, as a case study, people don’t want to do anything for the common good. MMM members in Nigeria are not common good oriented. This is what is obtainable in MMM as I write: Mr. C has N30, 000 today, and instead of working with it himself to multiply it through a profitable investment, Mr. C prefers to give Mr. B who asked for N30,000 in the hypocritical guise of mutual fund called MMM. Mr. B is expecting that he won’t pay back because he had given Mr. A 20,000 before, on record, and so, if Mr. C wants back his money with interest, he should ask the community for it. And MMM community will help Mr. C find Mr. D who’ll deposit N40,000 hoping to beg the community for N50,000 from Mr. E etc.
Such a community is filled with lazy beggars abusing the concept of mutual benefit. They want wealth by exploiting each other’s benevolence, so their intentions aren’t benevolent but selfish. Who will believe such a practice will gain popularity if not because we Africans are uncivilized, lazy cowards? WE and Our LEADERS are birds of the same feather in whose veins the beggar’s blood flows. Can we stop begging?

CASE STUDY of EFFECTIVE CORRUPTION by Political Begging PRACTICED Successfully by Nigerian LEADERS:

Our leaders knew we have crude oil, one of the finest deposits in the world, yet instead of harnessing it as for the common good; instead of building industries to tap the benefits of the value chain of refining crude oil for local consumption and job creation, they invited multinationals with preference to drill, reserve and sell off our crude potentials for growth, in exchange for billions of dollars, then they pocket the dollars and continue to sell more crude oil because it gives them dollars. What do you call this trade practice? I call it effective practical corruption detrimental to sustainable development in any economy.
Isn’t it foolish that they sold crude in order to import petroleum products? It is because they knew they were losing in the deal yet they continued in it since it put money in the pocket, the same MMM attitude. Buy and Read Effective Anti-Corruption Strategy or read the blog post on it here to find out more about the problem and its solution.
The proof is that when they want to fuel their cars with diesel and cook with kerosene or power their generators with petrol, they import PMS, DPK and AGO with all the money in their pocket, and go back to square 1 until their reserves are dry, and multinationals start running away when selling crude oil is no longer a profitable business.
As a result, the greedy oil workers in Nigeria are laid off and go to MMM where they continue their business of begging to exploit each other’s benevolence.

What is the best name for MMM and other forms of religious and political begging practiced in Nigeria against the common good?

This is share hypocrisy. Obviously, the same fate of Nigeria today as crude is not longer profitable is what awaits all the MMM new millionaires when the money they spend no longer has any weight and it can no longer be used in foreign exchange. Short sited foolish folks, wake up from your slumber and see the future which can only be predicted correctly when you are the one building it, for the best way to predict the future is to create it.
If Nigerians in MMM, like the politicians, prefer the money entering their pockets today and forget about the future when the money will lose its value, who are they deceiving? Stop deceiving yourselves Nigerians. Stop repeating the mistakes of the past. Learn from the lessons of today. Start creating the future by investing in your capacity to manage your resources and multiply your wealth the right way.
Learn how to create the future. Enroll in an online course to build your personal capacity to multiply your wealth the right way. Take a course today from the finest brains in the world here. Stop borrowing to do MMM, take any of these courses online for as low as $10 and you won’t borrow in your life again.

Understanding the Problem why Nigerians prefer MMM to their social responsibilities

It is no longer news that you can give and it will be given back to you, good measures, pressed down, shaken together, and running over on MMM Africa community, where both Christians and Moslem help to lift each other from misery and from the mess of corruption depriving workers of their wages, denying youths job opportunities, and destroying the means of livelihood for the people in Africa.
As Nigeria’s economy continues to be degraded, the highly placed in public offices are seeking various alternatives for themselves and families, and the common Nigerians have decided to copy this selfish attitude by giving up every effort to play any economic role of social responsibility for developing the resource base of the degrading economy. You can still play your role with a better trade than MMM here. Start Trading for Sustainable Wealth here to start making your contributions to build up society.
‘MMM’ is the word on the lips of every suffering Nigerian. The hardship has forced even the most selfish of beings and greedy of folks in the world, Nigerians, to recognize the need of each other, but for the wrong motive. MMM has capitalized on their gullibility to awaken their insatiable appetite for wealth without work in the name of mutual fund, one of the sins of this age as exposed by Mahatma Gandhi.

Why Should MMM Be Discouraged Among Nigerians?

Indeed, nobody wants to know the truth anymore. The truth is that the real citizen is the one who builds the city. MMM members are not concerned about building the city because they think it is only for the government, so they say the government should go to hell and they are rebelling against institutions like CBN, NSE, SEC, & NDIC formally set up to protect their financial rights and interests. That is ignorance.
The apparent degradation of the fabric of our social, political and economic institutions explicitly points to the gross failure of our educational institutions. The people are now worse than they ever were in their unwillingness to support the government to develop the economy, forgetting that the more the economy is degraded, the more their poverty will be increased as the prices of commodities are inflated.

In Truth, Is MMM a Blessing or a Curse?

There are several ways to look at the serious issue at hand about MMM and how Africans have proven to the world that they are lawlessly selfish and perennially greedy. They do not think of the good of society but of themselves. They now exploit the concept of Christian communal sharing of benefits through mutual fund for their selfish purposes while ignoring the state that needs their input for growth.
MMM has only helped to expose, indubitably, the irrefutable reasons why Africa is perennially backward even today, many years after the slavish plague of imperialism. Three of the reasons are as follows:
1. Africans are not civilized, meaning they are not civil, meaning they prefer to be lawless, meaning they are selfish, meaning they are greedy, meaning they oppress each other, meaning the exploit each other, meaning they are corrupt, meaning they are the cause of their problems.
2. Africans are lazy, meaning the prefer to beg for help than get dirty, meaning they are beggars, meaning they are unwilling to get involved in the process of solving their own problems, meaning they are irresponsible, meaning they are a liability to the rest of the world.
3.  Africans are cowards, meaning they prefer to run away from their problems than solve them, meaning they prefer to be slaves to foreigners fighting to develop them than develop themselves, meaning their hunger for wealth without labour is at the heart of their poverty.

The Better Alternatives to MMM and Best of them Licensed by SEC, NSE, CAC, NDIC & approved by CBN

Seeing the critical tone of this article, if you share some sentiments for MMM, you might want to ask for alternatives to MMM that will not be sanctioned by CBN, and the first of them is FIB which is a scheme developed by BSCS Inc, a new startup funded by the Bank of Industry in Nigeria in the industry of money deposit bank licensed by NDIC. FIB means First 50% Interest Investment Banking.
With FIB you don’t need MMM or Bit coin. All your deposits accrue 50% interest; not because you give it to a beggar in order to beg from another benevolent beggar for a 30% interest, as on MMM community, a caricature of benevolence, but because you empower 1 unemployed youth to get employed by BSCS Inc.
BSCS Inc receives your FIB deposit so as to train any number of unemployed youths on best practices for trading assets in order to in turn develop Africa’s securities, hence creating new job opportunities for all.

WHAT IS FIB about and why is It Better than MMM In All Terms Considered?

It will interest you to note that, FIB saves your time, if you don’t want to learn how to trade assets or invest in the stock market profitably. Moreover, FIB is for you if you are already on MMM because you won’t still do anything, only your money will be used to empower one unemployed youth to be employed by BSCS Inc, and when the youth is paid at the end of the month, you get back 50% of your deposit, while you have helped to change one life by creating job for one unemployed youth.
Any amount you deposit in FIB will have to be in multiple of N10,000 and converted into a number of the multiple of N10,000 to represent the number of unemployed youths you are helping to get employed by BSCS Inc. What this means is as follows: if you deposit:
a. N10,000 now for 50% interest by this time next month, you have helped 1 youth get employed in BSCS Inc with a guarantee of job security and monthly pay up to N50,000.
b. N20,000 now for 50% interest = N30,000 by this time next month, + new jobs for 2 youths employed in BSCS Inc with a guarantee of job security and monthly pay up to N50,000 each.
c. N30,000 now for 50% interest = N45,000 by this time next month, + new jobs for 3 youths employed in BSCS Inc with a guarantee of job security and monthly pay up to N50,000 each.
d. N40,000 now for 50% interest = N60,000 by this time next month, + new jobs for 4 youths employed in BSCS Inc with a guarantee of job security and monthly pay up to N50,000 each.
e. N50,000 now for 50% interest = N75,000 by this time next month, + new jobs for 5 youths employed in BSCS Inc with a guarantee of job security and monthly pay up to N50,000 each.

Who determines the amount you deposit in FIB and who receives the money at the end of the day?

It is up to you to decide how many new jobs you want your deposit to fetch the unemployed youths, then you make the FIB deposit that corresponds to the number of jobs you want to create by multiplying that number by N10,000 and depositing the equivalent of that amount as your FIB deposit for that month. You get 50% of that amount by the same time next month.
And if you want to continue earning by empowering others monthly, all you have to do is to deposit any amount equivalent to the number of persons you want to get employed for the month in BSCS FIB scheme, and that automatically makes you a stakeholder in the employment plan of BSCS Inc. You can continue to do this every month and write down the names of people employed as you can meet with them in person to confirm that they were really employed because of you.
Yes, it’s your own achievement; you take the credit for empowering them for employment in BSCS Inc through your FIB Deposit. Your FIB deposit is your authority to be a partner/stakeholder in BSCS Inc.

Now compare FIB, an FG funded project in BSCS Inc, with MMM…

FIB gives you a higher sense of personal fulfillment in helping others. This is why you can choose FIB over MMM because you know what your money is used for and you can see the testimonies in the lives of those you empower with your FIB deposit.
If you like, keep the records of the checks they receive monthly when they are paid by BSCS Inc under the FIB Empowerment for employment scheme. Be a part of something better. It is a life opportunity you create when you help BSCS empower the future financial security of Africa by creating jobs for the unemployed through aggressive investment in the capital market for developing African securities.

How you can shun MMM today and start making 50% Interest as a BSCS Empowerment stakeholder today creating millions of jobs in Africa through investment in the capital market

Don’t rebel against CBN, NSE, SEC, and NDIC because they are there to protect your interest. While you were sleeping, they were regulating the financial transactions in the bank and monitoring the excesses of the financiers. The Federal Government has your interest. That is why BSCS Inc has been licensed to give you a better sense of fulfillment, making you a stakeholder in creating jobs for others to your profit.
Because of BSCS FIB empowerment for employment program, you no longer have to be a business owner before you can create jobs for others, all you have to do is key into the BSCS FIB Scheme to become its empowerment stakeholder and you will see how new jobs are created for any number of persons you want to be employed.

If you want to do something great in your lifetime, as a legacy achievement…

Take credit for creating new jobs for 1 million persons, without owning a business yourself, you can now do so every month, by making FIB deposits monthly and naming the number of persons you want employed as you do so.
Say, you want BSCS to employ 10 persons every month, all you will have to do is multiply this number (10) with the minimum empowerment stakeholder’s investment amount (N10,000) deposited monthly, repeated monthly for 10 years.
So, you not only get 10 persons employed monthly, but you make 50% monthly interest, as a token of gratitude from those you empowered with your FIB Deposit, monthly, for 10 years until you change 1 million lives by helping BSCS empower their future financial security with new jobs in the capital market.

The Unmasked Transparency of BSCS Inc with FIB for you to trust its realistic interest rates and quit MMM

There is no cockroach in the BSCS cupboard about the FIB scheme and its monthly interest rate of 50%; unlike MMM that gives you 30%. The transparency of the BSCS system is based on real proofs namely:
First, you are not empowering a ghost; otherwise you won’t receive any token of gratitude as 50% of your deposit from the earning of the same person you have empowered, who you have a chance to meet before the employment and after the staff receives his payment for the month of employment.
Second, you get the information of the person once he has been employed, or you name the person you want to be employed, while making your deposit and contact BSCS Inc, visiting any of its hubs to make your deposit and give the contact of the number of persons you want to empower in your area.
Third, the persons will be contacted by the company, trained & offered the job, once you make deposit.
Fourth, you can follow up on the staff employed, to see that they are actually working for BSCS Inc because of you.
Fifth, you know you will get a token of gratitude at the end of the month.
In this way you are directly involved in changing peoples’ lives, in creating jobs and in not leaving employment to the government alone, you are a partner/stakeholder in BSCS’ empowerment for employment program. You too will receive ‘thank you’ from all the persons you have empowered, in cash and kind, and you will know them personally as they will know you personally for a better purpose.

How you should Upscale Your 50% Returns on Investment with the BSCS FIB Scheme, Monthly

If you empower 10 persons this month, you will receive 50% of your investment deposit for each person’s employment by BSCS Inc. The persons you have empowered will always be grateful to you in their own way knowing that you paid the price that got them the job they are now proud of.
So why not shun MMM today and visit any BSCS Hub around you, ask for FIB manager, mention how many persons you want to empower for immediate employment in BSCS Inc, make a deposit equivalent to the number of persons you are empowering, then provide the names and contacts of those you wish to empower, if you have any number and names of such persons in mind.,
Alternatively, make your FIB deposit and let BSCS Inc offer an equal opportunity to just anyone in need of a new job, and you get a follow-up-invitation; to see that the persons have been employed, so you know you can expect 50% interest on your investment deposit for empowering each one of them.          

Can you get a job for yourself In BSCS Inc if you don’t want to empower anyone?

Yes, if you think you have time to work; because you are not one of the lazy ones who don’t want to work but just want MMM-abused-benevolence mutual fund, if you know you don’t have money now to empower anyone, then there is no fear or cause for alarm.
Just apply for an STN/Admin/H.R job to BSCS Inc here. See details here, download the job information page and share it with your friends, if you want them to know about this opportunity and to enjoy its benefits with you. BSCS Inc has commenced recruitment exercise for employing 414 workers monthly see details here, if you think you need a job.   

Apart from BSCS FIB empowerment Scheme and BSCS STN Job opportunities, what is the best value BSCS has created and is ready to offer you today when you show interest?

BSCS INC has created its best value called BOP-SIP-HCD where you empower yourself instead of empowering others and you stay accountable for your own financial outcomes, monthly, not working for BSCS as an STN staff. With BOP-SIP-HCD you become an entrepreneur and start working for yourself.
BOP-SIP-HCD program is the ultimate value from BSCS Inc that empowers your future financial security. For details on this “empower yourself” opportunity with BSCS INC, see what is in the BOP-SIP-HCD program here for you.


Now, you have known now that MMM is good only because you didn’t know you have a better alternative created by the Federal Government, to make your life better and for others too.
So stop rebelling against the government. Stop being a beggar with MMM. Stop taking CBN’s warning against MMM for granted.
Start taking social responsibility. Start empowering others with FIB deposit for 50% interest from all persons empowered by you, even without having your own business.
And, finally, empower yourself with BSCS ultimate value. Your best alternative to empower your future financial security is with BOP-SIP-HCD here.    

See you in next blog post!
Speak to Francis the author, on mobile:
Call: 08102427303.


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