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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Practical Guide On How To Earn $15,000 Per Month In 2017 With Options Trading!

New Trade Secrets for Options Trading in 5 Minutes

By Francis Bestman Isugu


The principle behind the trade secret of the Investment Saving Rule responsible for the guarantee of Earning $15,000 Monthly Trading Options is the principle of "asking the right question."

If you know how to ask the right question, you will know how to arrive at the right answer. Fortunately, my trade secret was inspired by my ability to ask the right question on "why does it seem like option traders are always uncertain about their choices when trading assets?"

I discovered that the answer to my question was in the question itself. Even expert options traders lose big investments when they go wrong because they ask the wrong question.

This is why I want to correct that from the onset. Know the right question to ask when trading options and I have the three right questions for every option trader as follows:
  1. What is the dominating trend? (Rising/Falling)
  2. What is the asset doing? (Rising or Falling)
  3. Is the asset rising or falling? (Yes/No)

Once you have asked the right question, answer the question by opening a position corresponding with your right answer to buy a deal with confidence that you have answered correctly.

The ability to ask these questions before buying any deal is the only guarantee that you will get the right answer. The answer is not so much important as the question. Focus on the question.

At the same time it is import to note that the following questions are the wrong questions that option traders have always asked and which is why they have always lost confidence while trading options:
  1. Will the asset rise or fall?
  2. When will the asset rise or fall?

These questions are so wrong in themselves because they assume that the trader can be certain of trends that have not yet occurred, and that is why 77 - 81% of traders will choose put when they see the asset rising unreasonably, and they will also choose Call when they see it falling so fast.

This attitude is informed by ignorance of the trend. They fail to analyze the trend, so they miss the very important question which should have come first before others, and that is the question: "What is the trend?" 

They are simply unaware of the trend, so they judge by prediction not by analyzing the trend. That is why they ask the wrong question and the wrong question demands / gets the wrong answer.

This Practical Guide on how to earn $15,000 per month in 2017 with Options Trading builds on the correction that options should be traded with awareness of trends and the first question to be answered is "What is the dominating Trend?"

If you apply the recommendations in this guide practically, you will see that you will become more confident when trading options and your answers will always be right, moreover, at least 88% of the total closed positions will be a Win.       

"Decide 45 Seconds to Ending Time of Expiration"

Start Practicing How to Trade Options With No Risk Until You Can Start Tolerating Risking Your Capital Invested With Caution

The following recommendations are meant to guarantee your Earning $15,000 Per Month In Options Trading:

1. Get the recommended Trading App downloaded and installed on your mobile devise. Download Your options trading app from your trusted broker. Get Free Mobile App Here.

2. Create your options trading real account here and log into your account on your installed options trading mobile app to start trading.

3. Fund your options trading real account with $100 for getting the most options to invest funds up to $90 in one deal for up to 88% return when trading the top valued forex such as EUR/USD on weekdays and weekends, or get up to 87% return when trading equities such as Amazon on weekdays from morning to night.

To fund your trading account, click the "Deposit" button in the menu bar of your trading account section as shown in the demo. Watch Demo for account fundinghere.

4. Switch your account to practice account on demo mode to start practicing how to trade options with no risk, as shown in the demo on trading options. Watch Demo for Tradingoptions here.

5. Start trading options on practice account if you are a first time options trader, or trade on real account if you already know how to trade options.

Setting Up Your Trading App for your Optimum Trading Experience

1. Choose the option type. "Turbo" option type is recommended here.

2. Adjust the graph visibility period scale to 30m.

3. Set preferred time of expiration to 5 minutes long by choosing the fifth time option with 1 minute difference between each option.

4. Select amount to $10, as invested fund in all deals before you open any position.

5. Select asset to forex or equity.

6. Choose only the top rated asset showing return rate above 77% up to 88%.

Rule For Trading Options to Guarantee 77 - 88% Win

This is a very personal rule that I tested in the company of my wife while trading options on 7th January 2017, she was asked to observe that the rule has a guarantee of 77 - 88% Win when followed, so it was safest to follow the rule when trading options.

I traded EUR/USD asset at 88% profit with a $500 deal which guaranteed a total profit of $948 per deal.

My wife watched me as I traded for the first five minutes and it was a win (I invested $500 and profit was $980).

For the next five minutes I traded again, and it was also a win, (I Invested $500 and my profit was $980).

For the third time, I traded again, setting the time to five minutes long on Turbo options type, and this third deal again was a Win (I invested $500 and my profit was $980).

My wife was watching me while I trade for all 3 opened positions and they were all three wins consecutively, then I asked her to be the one to trade on the fourth round.

She followed the same rule and traded the fourth deal and she too had a win (with $500 Fund invested the profit was $980).

During the fifth round, I asked for the turn to trade again, so I traded the fifth deal and it was also a win, (my investment was $500 and the profit was $980).

After five consecutive trades in 5 minutes per deal, I had made above $2000 in only only 25 minutes of 5 consecutive wins, then I asked my wife, "how do you feel about the rule?" and all she said was, "It works and is really amazing." I was impressed by her response.

The foregoing is an evidence based report. So, you too can follow the rule and it states "Set time to expire for 5 minutes long on Turbo and observe the trend for 4 minutes, then follow the trend to open a position for a deal of $10, and decide at the last 45 seconds."

Since it is safe to follow the rule, I call it the "Investment Saving Rule". It is a rule anybody can try, even a first time options trader like my wife will always feel very safe when trading with this rule to win on deals that even experienced options trader are losing big. Follow the rule.

How to Trade Options Safely With the "Investment Saving Rule"

Follow my trade secret for 77 - 88% Guarantee of Win in as much as 14 consecutive deals with each deal covering 5 minutes set trade time while positions are opened at the last 45 seconds to end of the set trade time.

Thus, in every 14 deals, trading safely for 88% Win Guarantee means that out of 14 closed positions, there will be 12 wins and not more than 2 losses.

After a total of $140 worth of deals in 14 total closed positions, $120 investment will be saved, while $98 will be earned in profit added to the investment in a total trade time lasting 70 minutes.

This means, you get 88% profit on every $10 deal investment made in opening a position. You are guaranteed of earning $98 per hour when trading safely with the Investment Saving Rule.

There is no hype on the metrics of the profit you will make. $98 per hour is the safest profit you can expect when you follow the rule.

My trade secret is simple and you can start using it in your safe options trading after doing the required settings recommended above.

For emphasis sake, the Investment Saving Rule has been tested on a total of 28 consecutive deals of 28 positions closed in two consecutive days with the guarantee of 88% Win proven realistic and with the rule itself proven to be the safest way to trade options.

Discovering the Investment Saving Rule has been a thing of joy to me as I finally can now trade options with my eyes closed without being tensed while trading and without being afraid of losing my daily investments in options trading deals worth $500 per 5-minute open positions.

Understanding the Investment Saving Rule for Options Trading

The Investment Saving Rule is designed for people who know nothing about options trading but who want to start trading options with a guarantee of winning above 70% of their total deals per 70-minute open positions.

I recommend opening not more than 14 positions in every 70 minutes and that is by opening only 1 position in every 5 minutes to allow for making informed analytical judgments in Options Trading that guarantees 77 - 88% Win in every 14 deals completed worth $10 per deal.

To understand the rule, it is required that you trade with you eyes watching the indicators for not less than 4 minutes out of the set time of expiration.

Devote the first 4 minutes to observing the trend by watching the direction of the indicators for making the best judgment value of asset in the next 1 minute.

Focus only on the analytics of the performance indicator displaying the direction of the asset's movement according to market pressure on the asset that determines its yield or loss in value. Don't look at the market opinion indicator which is always misleading.

Notice that when the asset is yielding in value the indicator for yield is a green stroke and the direction of indicator showing the asset's movement is upward, while when it is losing its value, the indicator is a red stroke and the direction of the indicator showing the movement of the asset is downward.

The rule states that you should set your trade time for five minutes long on Turbo options type then spend 4 minutes to observe the movement of the asset as an analyst watching the direction of the indicator. At 45 second to the end of the time to expire, make a decision informed by the rule which states that you should follow the trend.

Understanding The Trend For Opening The Right Position in Option Trading

The trend is the dominating indicated performance of the asset whether it is rising or falling in the duration of the set deal time covering 4 minutes of observation and 45 seconds of informed analytical judgment.

The trend should inform your judgment which will influence the decision you will take in the last minute before the end of the time to expire on any open position for a bought deal.

How you follow the trend is by buying a deal using the position opening buttons "Call" shown in green colour for options in favour of yield in the value of the traded asset, and "Put" shown in red color for options in favour of loss in the value of the traded asset.

Hence, if the trend indicated is yield (i.e. the asset is rising in value), choose the "Call" option, while if the trend indicated is loss (i.e. the asset is falling in value), choose the "Put" option.

Each time you follow the trend, you are complying with the Investment Saving Rule. So, to follow the trend is to follow the rule and to follow the rule is to follow the trend.

Follow the trend after observing the indicator on the analytics of the asset's performance to make a safe buying decision to (choose) "Call"; when the asset is rising, or to (choose) "Put" when the asset is falling in value.

The option you choose to open a position is a judgment based on analytics, hence it's not a guessing action to Call or Put in form of value prediction per se, rather it is an informed analytical judgment from conviction not doubt on the rise or fall of the value of the assets for options trading.

How to Buy A Deal Using The Investment Saving Rule For Trading Options

The practice of trading options by making an option-eliminating decision to Call or Put when the traded asset is rising or falling is known as binary options trading.

To buy a deal in binary options trading, using the Investment Saving Rule, choose "Call" if you are convinced the asset is rising in value, or choose "Put" if you are convinced it is falling in value.

Whichever choice you make (to "Call" or "Put") do not buy multiple deals in a single open position, buy only one deal in a single open position, but buy a deal according to the observed trend of the assets performance in the duration of 4-minute observation covered by the set 5-minute long time of expiration on Turbo option type.

Never make a buying decision when in doubt. Never buy a deal at the beginning of the set time of expiration. When you set your time of expiration, it does not mean you should buy a deal immediately.

If you buy a deal at the beginning of the set time of expiration, you are taking a risk of uncertain hypothesis since there is no guarantee that the asset will follow the path of your predicted performance at the end of the time of expiration.

Knowing The Right Time To Buy A Deal Using the Investment Saving Rule For Options Trading.

The right time to buy a deal using the Investment Saving Rule for options trading is after observing the trend of the the asset's performance for not less than 4 minutes in the duration of the set time of expiration, before opening a position by choosing Call or Put. 

Know that you are totally uncertain of any choice you make to buy a deal at the beginning of the set time of expiration spanning 5 minutes, but you become certain after observing the trend and taking a buying decision towards the last minute countdown to the end of the time allowed for buying a deal by opening a position before the end of the countdown time.

You can't be certain predicting the asset's performance in 5 minutes time if you buy a deal at the beginning of setting a time of expiration that is five minutes long in Turbo options type, you need to observe the new trend first, then if you follow the trend of the last four minutes before the end of countdown to the time of expiration, you will make a good buying decision.

Aim at making a good buying decision by buying a deal only at the right time which is at the end of the first 4 minutes of observing the trend with the analytical aid of the indicators showing the direction of the assets movement when its is rising or falling in value.

In order to be certain about your rightness of your buying decision made at the right time, wait until the end of the first four minutes when you have seen that there has been a significant trend in the rise or fall of the asset's value as the analytical performance indicator clearly shows on your trading app.

Conclusion on Following the Investment Saving Rule as a Trade Secret For Successful Binary Options Trading.   

If you follow my new trade secret for successful binary options trading, you will certainly make a minimum of $15,000 per month, since you can make $95 per hour and I recommend trading for 5 hours daily at your own time intervals following the Investment Saving Rule.

To make $15,000 per month trading binary options, follow the Investment Saving Rules of 5 minutes per deal, $10 investment  per bought deal, 14 deals in every 70 minutes, a total of 350 minutes per day and to trade 6 days a week and trade binary options in every week of the month.

Trade only the hottest asset having the highest profit rate ranging from 77% to 88% to be assured of earning 7 - $8 per winning deal in every closed position. So invest quality time in options trading and trade with confidence when following the Investment Saving Rule.

You can make options trading your work from home activity which guarantees a financial output of 700 - $980 per day when following the Investment Saving Rule to trade options 10 hours daily.

Finally, to every rule there is an exception, same with the Investment Saving Rule, and the exception states that you should buy a deal only when it is safest to do so

If there is a clear indication of rise or fall in the value of the traded asset in the time covered for observing the trend of the indicated performance of the asset, then it is safe to follow the trend in buying a deal. 

But if there is no significant indication of a trend about the analyzed stock performance, it is safe not to invest in a hurry, if so, then delay buying a deal for another 5 minutes.

If this article has helped you, share it with others to make 2017 a year of financial fruitfulness for options traders all over the world. To Start Trading Options Today, Click here to get the free trading app now

 Kind Regards.

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